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I began selling Country Chic Paint in December of 2014. This company has very strong values that are similar to my own of what I bring into my home and my breathing air. After “interviewing” with several different paint companies, I was blown away with the product line up that Country Chic has to offer (not to mention the nearly 3 new products they have introduced since I picked up the line), customers can order directly from their website and all of their products are environmentally friendly. This is huge to me. With small children + doing a lot of my work in the house, I absolutely needed something that was safe for indoor breathing. My search was off of what I was personally looking for in a paint product, because if I wouldn’t use it- I doubt many others would.

As of right now Country Chic offers 26 colors + a handful of limited edition colors. You can see them by clicking here.  There are 3 sizes ranging from about $9-$36. These paints apply SO smooth with just about any painting tool. It seems many diy-ers look for paint that covers any surface without any work. This paint is very sturdy for the ingredient list, but if you are wanting to do a project right you will take the time to prep surface area and insure that your paint WILL adhere long term. Because, this paint is meant to last, but the initial surface has to be cared for to allow for best turn out. If you are interested in watching Country Chic Tutorials click here.

Along with a wide variety of paint colors and sizes, hey also offer colored waxes (white, antiquing, gold, pearl and clear), a superb Tough Coat that is hard enough for kitchen cabinets and dining room tables, Image Transfer Medium, Metallic Accent Cream and tinted Embossing Plasters. The Metallic Cream is something else.


I have always been a lover of metallic paints- this product is creamy and smooth. I wouldn’t categorize it with a paint, but I have used it as a paint to cover an entire surface. Applied with a brush the cream is very rich and covers unfinished wood or a painted (unfinished) surface very well. At the moment the company only offers one size and it costs about $33, but it’s worth every penny in my opinion.

I have used Country Chic Paint in workshops and have had several attendees return to purchase pieces of the line. If you’re interested in trying some out check out their website! If you want to make a purchase I’d love to help you! There might be a money saving discount involved.


Happy painting!


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