Update Your Art With Burlap and Furniture Tacks


I have a few printed canvas pieces I’ve wanted to frame but haven’t really wanted to use my pretty pennies on the costly project. This little DIY trick is inexpensive and can be done with materials you may already have.

For this project I used:

  • Staple gun (standard craft size)
  • Burlap wired ribbon (any ribbon will do, it’s a little easier to work with if its equal or thicker width of your canvas )
  • Furniture Tacks (decorative tacks, upholstery would also work)
  • Hammer
  • Scissors
  • Canvas art (of any sort!)

This project is pretty snappy. First I wrapped the canvas with my burlap ribbon (you can purchase this at hobby lobby- I bought mine from a wholesale company. If you want a roll send me a shout in the contact form at the end of this post!) and snipped the end with a little extra to make a fold for clean looking finish. Don’t worry about the finished folds yet. Holding one end of the ribbon in place, just beyond one corner on the bottom side of the canvas, I tapped a nail in, only halfway, to secure the burlap. I’ll come back to this and tap it in all the way.

I bought the furniture tacks at a hardware store for $2 (25 in a pack). I didn’t measure the placement of my tacks- I was doing this during nap time so my clock was ticking. I just eyeballed the distribution to make the placemeant as even as possible. I used 4 furniture tacks on the longer sides and 3 on the shorter- of course you can use as many as you want. Make sure the ribbon is even with the front edge of the canvas. I made my way around the entire canvas and when I got back to the original furniture tack I pulled it out, made a fold on both ribbon ends, laid them back (one end overlapping the other) on the canvas and tapped the nail back in.  At this point the entire canvas edge is covered in burlap and I’ve used 14 furniture tacks to secure.

Now to “wrap” the burlap around the inside edge and staple in place.

Imagine you’re wrapping a gift, you’ll fold the extra burlap back around the canvas frame. I started in a corner. Make sure you don’t pull the ribbon back too far, as you’ll create unevenness on the edges where the burlap meets the front of the canvas. 

I didn’t staple first to  avoid uneven ribbon edges edges, the furniture nails help with that. Next, enjoy and rehang!

If you’re interested in purchasing these Home Sweet Homa canvases message me using the form below!  [contact-form-7 404 "Not Found"]

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