Cute + Easy DIY Banner


If you’re in needing of a quick and simple decoration, these tape banners will hit the spot. You can make a decorative banner out of any sort of tape; I like funky colored duck tape and washi tape best. But, you could literally use any tape: painters tape, masking tape, packing tape, scotch tape… and any other tape that exists.


For this project I used:

White Duck Tape *

Washi Tape* (decorative paper tape)

Jute String (any thin string type material will work perfectly)


The first step is to decide how long you want your banner to be, pull that much of the string out of the roll (or work as you go). Lay the string on a flat surface (couch, countertop, floor- anywhere!), and pull out a piece of tape that is at least twice as long as you want your little banner flag to be. Lay it under the string, with the string in the middle, perpendicularly, and snip your tape. Make sure you leave enough string to allow for tying or taping down for hanging, before your first banner flag is placed.

IMG_0115    Now, as perfectly as possible (it’s totally okay if you mess up, this is your first try!) fold the tape in half so the tape is adhered to itself. If you have any bubbles you can take a credit card or bone scraper and push the bubbles out. Wrinkles are a little harder to remove, if you have to cut that flag off and start over, no worries! It’s a small amount of tape compared to how big your roll is.

IMG_0116Next, decide what shape(s) you want your banner flag to be. Cut your tape as you wish, and voila you have one flag!


Repeat the process as often as you’d like until your banner is to the desired length.


Mix and match shapes and tape styles. If you want to have some more fun, add some fabric pieces or clip photos to your banner with clothespins. Cheers to an easy, inexpensive + versatile decor piece!

Happy making!


*links are suggestions of where to purchase, most craft stores will have these supplies




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