30 Minute Weathered Wood Finish using Country Chic Paint

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This tutorial gives step by step instructions on creating a weathered wood look with a brush and two paint products on stained scrap wood. For this project I used:


Country Chic Paint Graphite Furniture Glaze

Country Chic Lazy Linen Paint All in One Paint (soon to be released)

Scrap wood pre-stained (Grey)

Synthetic Bristle Paint Brush

Damp paper towel


For this sort of finish I recommend using the same color family for all of your finish products. The scrap pine wood was stained a weathered grey; Lazy Linen and Graphic are the perfect complementary colors to the base color.

My first step was to take a dry paintbrush and lightly dip it into the paint. I used paint from the lid because the amount I needed was very minimal. As you can see in the photo below, there’s hardly any paint on the brush.


Apply the paint in the same direction as the grain, lightly and sporadically. I had no rhyme to the placement of my paint strokes. I dipped my brush back in the paint a total of 3 times and was able to really work the paint over the surface as I wished, in the same breathe I was covering a small surface area.

FullSizeRender_4You must work quick with chalk finished paint because it dries very quickly! Pine wood is fairly soft and soaks in paint well.


After letting the paint dry for a few minutes I applied dots of glaze with my pointer finger. I placed several swipes of glaze all over the piece and began working them in with my finger and a damp paper towel.

FullSizeRender_8 If you are working in a breezy area your glaze will leave a light dried ring around each blob if you don’t move quick. So, you may want to start with one glaze swipe at a time.

Over rubbing with the damp paper towel will create a wet distressed look (removed painting with the cloth), which looks great for the weathered wood look but it will remove some of your paint coat. If this happens, it’s very easy to repeat the paint application and glaze application again.


Now your weathered wood piece is ready for lettering, hooks or sanding for added distressing! Happy painting!






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