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Weathered Turquoise and Single Step Faux Gold Leaf


This project achieves a weathered turquoise finish using paint application technique, finishing product application and a little bit of sanding. The faux gold leafing is a cinch; you’ll be kicking yourself for not being an owner of this fantastic product before! An extra bonus, this entire project was dried within 2 hours.


For this project I used:


Country Chic Bliss All-In-One Paint

Country Chic Graphite Glaze

Country Chic Pocket Watch Metallic Accent Cream

Country Chic Clear Glaze

Pine board (cut to 63 inches x 5.25 inches x 1 to fit the selected vinyl)

Synthetic Bristled Paint Brush (2 inch and ½ inch)

Clean Rag

Sanding sponge

Vinyl Sticker



To begin this quick project I started off with a clean piece of pine board. With a dry brush technique [liberal paint application on a dry brush, no more than 1/3rd of the brush dipped in paint, and of course a dry brush] I applied Country Chic’s Bliss All-In-One Paint (Country Chic has another turquoise color that is just as gorgeous, called Tropical Cocktail). over the top and sides of the board. The paint application is what achieves the weathered look. If you are interested in varying thicknesses of paint, that is fine, do yourself a favor and apply it in several coats to ensure the paint is evening drying [it will dry super quick if it’s applied evenly, allowing you to work even faster]. After one coat of turquoise paint and approximately 5 minutes of dry time, I lightly sanded the edges and corners to smooth out any paint build up that wasn’t swiped by my brush. The end product needs to be smooth in order for the vinyl to adhere.




The next step is to apply the tinted glaze.. I needed quite a bit of glaze on my rag to work it in as I wanted [again, this product dries very quickly, try to apply in a room without a breeze so you can work it into the wood as long as you need].


With a clean rag, glaze applies transparent and smooth; varying thicknesses of application can create varying deepness of color. When applying, I did it much like the paint, in different areas of the board as I pleased. There really is no way to make an error with glaze application. If there’s a spot that doesn’t look appealing, you can add more glaze or sand it down to the paint once it’s dried. [Side note about sanding glaze: sanding removes the semi sheen finish, you can get it back by applying a bit of glaze back over the sanded area.] Again, I wanted to keep my coat even and smooth. For deeper coverage, I added a second coat.



Faux gold leafing is so easy and really, there’s no technique- all you need is Country Chic’s Pocket Watch Metallic Accent Cream.



Metallic Accent Cream is creamy and has a consistency similar to glaze with a little more thickness. It is very easy to paint on with a brush. One coat of Metallic Cream will add a pretty shimmer to paint and increasing coats create greater coverage. To achieve the desired gold I applied 4 coats.


After applying the vinyl I sealed the board with Country Chic Clear Glaze. Clear Glaze can be used as a sealing medium, which is a fantastic sealant for vinyl.


The glaze applies an opaque white and dries perfectly clear over the turquoise paint. Now this little growth chart is ready for a darling new home! Happy painting!




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