Quick Chalkboard Project using Mud Paint

mud paint chalkboard


Country Chic Paint has a new formula that applies, sands and distresses like a dream- oh and you can write on it with chalk! This mud paint is clay based, Country Chic’s All in One Paint is going to change the world for furniture and wood project painting. I am a loyal Country Chic Paint user and only use their products for all of my refurbishing and painting project needs.

country chic paint aurora

In this tutorial I will provide the simple steps to create your own chalkboard using one paint product, a paintbrush and sandpaper.


For this project I used:

Country Chic All in One Paint Limited Edition Color Aurora


Wooden Banner board

Synthetic Bristled paint brush

banner board

To begin, sand down the piece of wood you selected to use for you chalkboard. Make certain the sanding creates a smooth surface; wipe off any dust once complete. Dip the paintbrush into the paint about a third of the way. Apply the paint (with the grain) in a steady manner ensuring the application is smooth and equal. Work in small concentrated areas and try to avoid a lot of contact with drying paint. I painted the piece in quadrants and found that was productive for easy application and avoidance of disrupting drying paint. Country Chic’s All in One Paint dries very fast. Mud paint is thicker and will apply in a heavier coat.

country chic paint aurora wet

You will want to work in an area with little wind or air circulation while painting. Apply one even coat and allow it to dry. One coat of All in One Paint creates wonderful coverage. Once the paint is dry (10-30 minutes) evenly sand the first coat. You will notice this changes the color appearance, especially deep colors like Aurora.

country chic paint aurora sanded

I left all sides raw and sanded the painted edges thoroughly between paint coats. Apply a second coat in the same manner as the first. After the paint is dry, sand down only the sides of the board to remove excess paint if you do not want painted sides. Applying a second coat, left un-sanded, creates the deep gorgeous color you see in the paint can. If you want a sanded look to your chalkboard you may sand, however be weary that over-sanding creates a smooth surface that chalk will not adhere to. If you do over sand, simply apply an additional layer of paint. Note, applying any sealing product will likely not allow chalk to adhere, the paint needs to be left raw.


country chic gallery wall



Write your favorite phrase and voila! You’re officially a chalkboard maker. Happy painting!



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