Pumpkin Painting with the Kids

country chic pumpkins



It’s the time of year for pumpkin painting- woo hoo! If you’re looking for some simple and fun holiday decor what a great way to get the kids involved!

painted pumpkins

I love decorating with pumpkins, especially painted pumpkins. My almost-two-year-old-twins art is taking up prime wall space in my house, so I couldn’t skimp out on some kid pumpkin painting art. Country Chic Paint is a wonderful paint product for children to use. The eco friendly ingredient lists are kid friendly and if something splatters on their clothing it’s super easy to clean up with quick attention (dish soap + warm water + vinegar and you’re set!).


For this fun project I used:


Country Chic Paint in Licorice

Country Chic Metallic Accent Cream in Pocket Watch

Childrens paint brushes (or several Q-tips)

Disposable Plates quartered


pumpkin project


There are basically no steps for this tutorial. It’s a free for all! To keep things a bit controlled I had the children sit in their highchairs outside and spooned some paint onto quartered paper plates. I love children’s art because it is truly created by free spirits. Pumpkins are long lasting and can be a gorgeous addition to any holiday décor.


Enjoy some quality time with your children, your friends, or yourself!


Happy painting!





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