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Hand Crafted Wedding Sign Suite



I attended the sweetest wedding in early June, where I was able to play a special part. Of course the bride is one of my super sweet friends, nonetheless it was a gorgeous evening and I was thrilled to be able to add a special touch to their perfect day with a collection of handcrafted wooden wedding signs.


Neither the bride or groom are super fans of cake, so they had glittery donuts [on National Donut Day at that!] and milk + cookies! It was such a cute idea, I enjoyed working around the vision.



The bride had me build a collection of rustic wooden wedding signs she used from engagement photos to wedding day decor. I used a medium brown wood stain and of course my favorite Country Chic Paint. The stained wedding signs are embellished with hand lettering and finished off with some simple sanding over the painted words and edges; creating the perfectly worn look.


The painted wedding sign, Sweet Love, has a base layer of Sweet Dreams and a top coat of Vanilla Frosting. Vanilla Frosting is my go-to color for almost every project needing a creamy white, it covers most colors with two coats and sands like a dream. Something wonderful about chalk paint, is that you can repair any mess-up. I had a little error with one of the letters and was able to sand it down to the Sweet Dreams base, reapply the top coat, smooth and blend with a sanding sponge and finish off the spot with a little distressing.


Are you wanting a special sign of your own you can cherish for years to come? Click here! Wanting to try out some paint for yourself? Click the envelope above and I can get you started on a wonderful project!

Screen Shot 2015-06-09 at 1.46.39 PM


The happy couple- photo credit Hibben Photography of Central Oklahoma.

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Chalk Painting Terra-Cotta Pots: Easy + Versatile Project


You know how wonderfully wood soaks up paint, it’s like wood and paint were made for each other. Have you ever painted terra-cotta? It’s almost like paint and terra-cotta were even MORE made for each other! Terracotta is a special material; it’s absorbent and also chalky, allowing for the most beautiful (and easy) distressing.


For this project I used:


Terra-cotta Pots

Country Chic Chalk Paint

Synthetic Bristle Brush


Cotton Swab


Favorite plant (I used a Jade Rose succulent)


I had these terra-cotta pots left over from a previous project. The pots have 2-3 layers of varying Country Chic Paint colors (Elegance, Backyard Picnic, Simplicity, Sweet Dreams). The best way to create an antiqued or vintage look on a terra-cotta pot is to apply paint with a dry brush technique. By simply dipping your dry brush, lightly, into your paint and painting the terra-cotta pots with your desired pressure to create desired coverage.


I dry brushed a fair layer of Country Chic Cheesecake paint, using a synthetic bristle paint brush, over the existing color. Allowing it to completely dry, I sanded through the Cheesecake topcoat to reveal the colors beneath and the clay pot itself. The paint and terracotta will sand very easily, it doesn’t require much pressure at all.


Lastly, I had my twins add a little bit of extra paint fun with a cotton swab (this was a Mother’s Day gift for their grandmother’s, they are 1- it was a super fun high chair project), lettered “grow” over the paint with a Sharpee and did a little more distressing, planted my plant and voila- super simple gift idea.


A project like this allows for some much versatility and you really can’t make a mistake! Above, see varying paint colors that were used, and the lettering prior to being sanded. I love how these pots turned out- simple and adorable!


Happy painting!