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Pebble Beach Planked Table using Chalk Paint and Glaze


In this quick tutorial I will explain, step by step, how I changed up this little end table with 4 products, wooden planks and a few tools; into a gorgeous grey planked table.


This table is pretty sturdy. The legs have a lot of detail and to my surprise it had a Formica covered top. Rather than removing the adhered top I chose to plank the top with pine boards (note- if you wanted to paint over the Formica without removing it, that is 100% doable. The top would likely need some sanding and a few coats of paint followed by a seal [Country Chic Tough Coat would work perfectly].) The project went super quick, allowing for optimal dry time between finishing coats was the only step preventing it from being finished in a few hours!

For this project I used:

1×8 Pine board

Country Chic Pebble Beach Paint

Country Chic Trigger Metallic Accent Cream

Country Chic White Wax

Wax Brush

1.5-inch synthetic bristle paintbrush

Weathered Gray wood stain

100 grit sand paper

Sanding block

Rubble gloves

Clean fabric cloth

Damp paper towel

Wood screws




After a quick wipe down with a clean damp cloth and sanding session with my sanding block (just to smooth the existing paint), I began with the basecoat of Pebble Beach, applied with a 1.5-inch synthetic bristle paintbrush. This entire project could have been done with a sample size paint (4 oz) with plenty left over for a second project.

With two smooth and quick coats of Pebble Beach, I moved onto my next step: Metallic Accent Cream application.

To apply I used my right pointer finger (has more control than any other finger) and my right ring finger to “buff” in. I mainly hit the edges and detail with the accent cream to give it a little more definition. I’ve raved about this product before, it’s so versatile and applies like a creamy dream. Metallic Accent cream is super high on my “all time love” paint product list.


I decided on a diagonal planked table because I wanted this table to have a little bit of a fancy factor but also have the option to work in most décor schemes. The planks were cut from a 1×8 pine board with the slightest overhang. If you don’t have access to a chop saw, you could do this with a jigsaw and a steady hand, or see if your local hardware store would do the angled cuts. After my wooden pieces were cut and attached to the table from underneath using wood screws, I worked to sand the planks to be as level as possible, using the 100 grit sand paper. It’s important to sand all of the surface grain as equal as possible when using a stain.


I stained using a weathered grey wood stain (most stain lines carry a grey color in their line up these days) and a clean fabric cloth (wearing rubber gloves, stain can be so hard to clean off). I am new to grey stain, I really like it! However, it seems like more of a wash (watery paint) than a stain to me- if you aren’t careful the product will apply streaky, and if you haven’t equally sanded the surface the stain will take differently on the sanded areas versus the non-sanded areas. (Quick grey stain notes: sand evenly, apply stain evenly, use an additional dry cloth if needed to wipe down stain, let dry over night.)


I liked how the accent cream added depth, but I wanted to soften the effect on the light basecoat. With my stain rag in hand I rubbed the weathered grey stain all over the table base. I didn’t need much stain on the rag at all. This stain is pretty malleable and takes a full 24 hours to dry. I was able to get the exact look I wanted with the stain and the cloth. You can see how much it masked the Metallic Cream in the photo above.

The last step was to apply Country Chic’s White Wax. I did this with a wax brush over the surface of the entire base. It’s best to let stain dry entirely before applying anything over it. Wax and wet stain will create a super sticky monster that will take days to dry (trust me). That wraps up this quick little planked table project.


Happy painting,



DIY, Paint Project

Combining Materials 


Stump Stand with Country Chic Paint + Products


This unique piece is a combination of uncommonly combined materials. I have a new love affair going on with wooden slices and I’ve been dreaming of ways to use Country Chic’s Metallic Accent cream. I love the product and am so in love with how it paints on so smooth with a brush. Any of the four glamorous colors would look so yummy on wood. I can just imagine a dinner party dressed with wooden chargers fancied up with some accent cream.

The base of this piece started as an antiqued teal wooden tray. It had been hanging around in my catch all space for too long. So, it was due for a little redesign!


For this project I used

  • Country Chic Vanilla Frosting Paint
  • Country Chic Antiquing Wax
  • Country Chic Metallic Accent Cream (Trigger)
  • Country Chic Natural Wax
  • Wax brush Synthetic bristle brush
  • Clean rag (old t-shirts work great)
  • Tree stump slice
  • Glass knob (Hobby Lobby)
  • Wood glue
  • Raw Coffee table leg (hardware store)
  • Screw driver, drill bit (pre drill wood slice for decor knob) and wood screws
  • Husband with patience (drilling part)




My first step was to prep the table leg and tray. With clean, dry surfaces I used a dry brush to apply a liberal coat of Vanilla Frosting (side note: this is a great base color, not quite white- it’s my favorite).  I covered the surface on both items keeping in mind how I wanted the antique wax to “take” to the paint (wax will pick up your paint strokes, be mindful of your paint application if you plan on waxing a large area). For the leg, I left some of the wood visible. On raw wood an antique wax has a similar effect as stain. The dry brush application technique is a great way to achieve a smooth antiqued look, avoiding paint globs and uneven application. You can use your brush to smooth out the paint until you are satisfied with the outcome.


While the tray and leg dried, I applied the accent cream to the top of my prepped stump. You can buy a ready to work with stump slice from a craft store. I used my scroll saw to get the flakey bark off for a smoother look, and lightly sanded to smooth the edges. The accent cream is a smooth and creamy texture and applies like butter. A cherry on top- it dries super quick! I love using it like paint, but it is great as its intended use for accent like a wax or glaze.


Once the tray and leg paint dried, I began working on the antiquing wax. I used a wax brush, which created a wonderful layer to work with. I’ve doted before on my love for wax brushes. When waxing the table leg I was able to achieve a wonderful antiqued effect and fell in love with my wax brush even more. The brush can get into every nook and cranny, allowing your piece to get the full effect you’re trying to achieve.


When waxing the tray, I used the brush to apply a concentrated amount of wax in one area and brushed, smoothed, circled, stroked it out to achieve varying thicknesses as I pleased. I let the wax dry overnight before assembling all of the pieces together, trying to avoid altering my wax-sterpiece.


Moving back to the stump slice- I finished the dried accent cream off with an even coat of Country Chic Natural Wax, using a clean cloth. The stump didn’t need any wax, but I was on a roll and love how clear wax looks on raw wood.

Assembling this bad boy was a bit of a task.


Luckily, my husband is super handy with a measuring tape and had some great tips (okay maybe he did all of the assembly, we really do make a great team) and helped me get it done. Two screws through the bottom of the tray + wood glue on both ends of the table leg + two screws through the top of the wood slice into the leg, and there she was, all connected. To insert the glass knob I predrilled a hole that was just a smidgen smaller than the screw part of the knob. Twist, twist, twist it into the stump and the knob was in place.


This project is one of those quick fixes that can be done to a long list of odds and ends you may have laying around your house. I suggest trying to create something wonderful out of items that aren’t being used, or items that need a fun change. You’ll have yourself a one-of-a-kind piece and have a lot of pride in your new creation! Meaningful art.


Happy painting!



Loveleigh Creative Soul